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About the Designer


Loyfar Collection had its beginnings in 1996 when founded by Anuphab Loyfar, the Chairman and Principal of Loyfar International. An architect by education, Loyfar worked as a jewellery designer in Paris before turning into a pewter designer and entrepreneur. Inspired by his surroundings and the beauty of nature, Loyfar’s work combines an adaptation of free-form shapes together with jewellery making skills to create highly decorative yet functional works of art in pewter.

Free-spirited by nature, award-winning Loyfar never ceases to add fun and pun in each of his creations. A mangosteen or a coconut function as an ashtray, a coral themed moon shape design functions as a candle holder or an egg-shaped glass enveloped with coral themed pewter with fish is a vase. Further cheer and embellishment are added to many of his collections using the process of jewellery enamel painting.

With a keen eye for detail, Loyfar ensures that only the finest pieces of pewter that attract the visual senses are designed and crafted in the manufacturing facility in Chiangmai, North Thailand. To date, Loyfar Collection prides in having over 4,000 designs in its ensemble of collections created in his work of over 20 years, each distinct and celebrating handmade craftsmanship.

With his abounding creativity, Loyfar and his team of skilled artisans, never cease to persevere to add new products to the existing collections of tableware, living and gift items to meet customers’ growing expectations for unique pewter designs. Fusing artistic impressions of pewter creations drawn from inspirations of everyday life with uncanny practicality, Loyfar has given a new meaning and dimension to pewter design.